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Wet Areas

Since 1996, Waterseal Waterproofing have successfully completed over 50,000 Australian Standards and NCC compliant membrane installations to ensuites, bathrooms, laundries, powder rooms and W/Cs across Perth and surrounding areas. In conjunction with Calmarc Chemicals, Waterseal Waterproofing use Australia’s only manufacturer-approved single-coat Class III waterproof membrane. Proven by CSIRO testing to be effective at 500 microns, this high-solids, no-slump coating has revolutionised internal undertile waterproofing and has done away with the need for time consuming second coats. Unlike polyurethanes, this product is fully compatible with cement-based adhesives and guaranteed to never be the cause of drumminess when used under tiles.

In addition to liquid membranes, we also use undertile butynol, anti-fracture and sound-reducing waterproof sheet membranes to provide certainty in vulnerable ‘frame’ builds and to save you time at the back end of the job when it really matters most.

Whether single or multi-level dwellings, stud frame or concrete masonry, Waterseal Waterproofing have the knowledge and expertise to advise and install the best membrane system in new or existing builds.

Waterproofing Wet Areas in Perth
Quality Shower Waterproofing services available in Perth, WA

Butyl Membrane installation Video

Check out this Short time-lapse of a Butyl Membrane installation on a lightweight upper level wet-area. This is our (relatively) new premium membrane for critical installations.

Internal Waterproofing Using a Liquid Applied Membrane

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