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Roofs (New & remedial)

One of the many reasons concrete is commonly used as the roofing element in commercial buildings is for its durability, but as hardy as it is, cracks can and do occur leading to water ingress. This can have a devastating impact on the longevity of the slab and on the quality of life for the building’s occupants. Waterseal Waterproofing understand the many and varied waterproofing systems on the market and our team is skilled in the application of PVC, Polyurethane, Acrylic, TPO, Butynol and Torch Applied Modified Bitumen Membranes, meaning no matter what the situation or type of substrate, Waterseal Waterproofing will meet expectations, every time.

Roof Waterproofing services available in Perth
Roof Waterproofing in Perth, WA
Roof Waterproofing available
New and Remedial roof waterproofing

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