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We provide all kinds of services catering for various commercial, civil and domestic waterproofing projects. If you need a waterproofing service completed make sure to contact Waterseal Waterproofing today.

Leak (HVELD) Detection

Looking for leak detection services in Perth? Discover Waterseal Waterproofings HVELD service and see how we can solve problematic leaks for you.

Car Parks

Do you need a car park waterproofed? Read more about how Waterseal Waterproofing can waterproof any car parks you need serviced.

Balconies, Terraces and Podiums

Looking to waterproof Balconies, terraces and podium areas? Read more on our services page and contact waterseal waterproofing for all your quality waterproofing needs.

Roofs (New & remedial)

Wether it is a new roof or a remedial fix, Waterseal can waterproof most roofs you need done.

Water Retention and Fire Tanks

Waterseal can provide a range of quality waterproofing services including waterproofing water retention and fire tanks.

Basements and Undercroft

Need to waterproofing a basement or undercroft. Learn more about our quality basement and undercroft waterproofing service.

Lift Pits

Waterseal can assist with waterproofing a lift pit for you. Read more about what we can do for lift pits you need waterproofed.

Plant Rooms and Service Decks

Read more about how we can waterproof your plant rooms and service decks.

Joint Detailing

Get Joint Detailing Waterproofing Services done at Waterseal Waterproofing.

Civil Works

Discover Waterseal Waterproofings range of waterproofing services including our civil works waterproofing.

Retaining Walls

If you have a retaining wall that needs waterproofing make sure to contact the team at Waterseal Waterproofing. Read more about our retaining wall waterproofing service.

Wet Areas

If you need to waterproof wet areas make sure to contact the team at Waterseal Waterproofing. Read more about how we can assist to provide quality waterproofing to your required wet areas.

Roof Gardens & Planter Boxes

Did you know we can waterproof Roof Gardens and Planter Boxes? Read more about how we can provide quality waterproofing services for these types of areas.

Water Features and Ponds

Make sure your water features and ponds are waterproofed correctly by using the team at Waterseal Waterproofing to service these areas.

Remedial Works

Looking for remedial works to be done. Contact Waterseal for all your remedial work requirements.

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