Want to mitigate damp on masonry surfaces?

BlueVac Masonry Desalination

Introducing our latest acquisition, The BlueVac Captive Head Washing System. It washes, rinses and vacuums surfaces in a single action, capturing dirty wash water as it cleans.

Through the use of interchangeable captive head hand tools (to suit different substrates and project needs) and the choice of a low or high pressure system, BlueVac is highly effective for a variety of cleaning applications, particularly reducing salt content in masonry.

With its captive head technology, each hand tool releases a targeted water jet, while the flexible rubber shroud surrounding the head provides a tenacious seal against the surface.

The rinsing action combined with the vacuum suction of the system creates a vacuum whirl that pressure cleans and removes residue from your substrate, capturing dirty wash water with minimal leaking and spraying.

Wash water is pulled into the waste-receiving tank as you clean for easy containment, analysis and disposal, making BlueVac ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

This same technology works for dissolving and drawing out salt from masonry. Hygroscopic salt contamination is a major contributor to persistent damp and premature deterioration of masonry surfaces.

Unlike the traditional desalination poultice method, the process is much quicker and results are instantly measurable: you can read the salt content of the captured water immediately with a portable conductivity meter.

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