Metronet Gnangara Underpass work

Perth, WA Waterproofing job - Metronet Gnangara

The most significant milestone for the METRONET Morley-Ellenbrook Train Line to date has been reached, with the first tracks laid north of Whiteman Park Station through to the Gnangara Underpass. The Gnangara Underpass was constructed using a ‘cut-and-cover’ method, which involves excavating a trench then covering it with a concrete roof. The underpass is over 100m long and stretches below Gnangara Road enabling fast access to and from Ellenbrook Station. WATERSEAL installed a full ‘envelope’ membrane system to the entirety of the underpass, preventing water intrusion and maintaining the integrity of this important piece of infrastructure. For quality civil waterproofing installations, contact WATERSEAL.

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